Large Minimal Cotton Rug


Every rug needs more than 7,5 hours of hand work to be finished.
100% Handmade in Spain, they respect original skills of knitting  but twisting the traditional design making it relevant for today.

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Every MORANO rug is 100% handmade, so they’re never the same. Every single object has its own creation process and little differences, making them special and unique pieces perfect to be used as you may like, becoming part of your daily life and your own personal story.


  • Don’t be scared of white! It is made of natural cotton fabric, so the cleaning process is much easier. The rug is machine wash friendly.
  • Due to the artisanal work behind it, the stock is limited. It has a double fabric layer for extra thick and coziness.
  • Even though it has been designed as a rug, having it hanged on it’s the coolest way to get a cozier touch in any room.
  • Our commitment with sustainability gets beyond the product itself. That’s why we ship every item using recycled materials when possible and always trying to minimize the plastic used on it but making sure its safety during the shipment.

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Dimensions 200 × 140 cm